Really Into Danny Choo

I've just been reading up on Danny Choo and i've been really captivated by his work. I came across his website and youtube related stuff through his "Culture Japan" series. (

You may also know him by "Dancing Stormtrooper".

You can also look at his various profiles and photos through his website. (

I would really advise everyone who visits his website to take a look at his history. (

People like him are big motivators that allow lazy people like me to really try hard and find a direction in life. I know where I want to head towards but I do not know exactly what I need get there. Even as I write this article I'm fighting against my hangover due to my inexplicable need for alcohol. I have only myself to blame *_*.

The most insightful comment that I can offer for today is "don't drink and (                      )". (Insert activity in blank)