Sketchbook 2k9 - Skunk

Here are some more characters that I designed. They were initially designed to be included in a fantasy world where the lizard characters were. (The lizard character posting was from a few posts back) The alligator/crocodile character was an ongoing experiment from the previous lizard men characters. The balding characters facial design was taken from a Japanese manga character from a few decades back.

This is a character called "Skunk" and he was designed by Osamu Tezuka, the so called god of manga. He is also the creator of Astro boy and several series of really recognizable manga. There is a certain expression that this character displays that leaves a real insecure feeling in you. He looks like a character that would never tell the truth and he would take advantage of any weaknesses that you display.

I wanted to create a character on par with "Skunk", only in design. In terms of personality of the character, I an not certain yet. I initially wanted my character to be like a low ranking official who has big ambitions and when the time comes he would over throw the current reign of power and take it for his own. I wanted my character to be extremely greedy.