Sketchbook 2k9 - Toriyama House

I took a lot of cues from Akira Toriyama's drawing style and designs for this piece. This house is supposed to be a magicians house. It has a very cute facade and the general design of the architecture around it is very rotund. Even the trees have been stylized to suit the overall design.

In my opinion I find circular designs easier to draw because when you work with an angular shape it requires some planning and precognitive recognition of perspective. I always find perspective a tough egg to crack.

I really like the way Akira Toriyama designs his world. It is very basic in terns of it's general shape and he recycles many of his designs but the same could be said about Miyazaki or any other established designer in the field of entertainment. Toriyama has the nack to make a simple shape look interesting, and I think he achieves this by adding little bits of details into the simple structure. The images above are from the animation and I believe the paintings were done by assistants who work in the animation studio and I doubt Toriyama had a hand in any of it, but the soul of the design remains.