Chunghakdong Village

Chunghakdong Village (청학동마을) is not your usual tourist friendly district. This place is very close to Jirisan which is one of the symbolic mountains representing Korea. When you arrive in this area by bus the first thing that will strike you is the fact that there is absolutely nothing remotely close to a sign telling you where to go or what to do. Most people that live in a city are usually shown signs telling them to do this or do that but when you arrive here you will most probably feel very lost whether you understand the Korean language or not. Luckily internet wifi and LTE exists around this mountainous area so I was able to search online for some quick reading to get myself started. To be frank the most useful person in this journey was an owner of a restaurant. He pretty much told me where most people went when they came here and then he pointed to the direction of the are that I needed to go to. Before I met him I just kind of winged my journey and visited every nook and cranny that looked interesting. 

I just had to take a picture of this small hut because it reminded me so much of Goku's grandpa's house from the 'Dragonball' series. 

The picture above is from the anime. It's not exactly the same as the hut from the picture above but hopefully you guys can notice the resemblance. 

These wooden totems are called Jangseung's and their function is to scare away the demons. Their facial expressions are very cartoony and I really respect these cartoony elements.  

I totally see a face on this stone. Let me help you see what I see. 

Do you guys see what I mean?