Gundam Build Fighters

I just got done watching the third episode of 'Gundam Build Fighters'. It's similar to watching those cartoons where they are trying to sell merchandise through sly marketing techniques. For example some of the toy manufacturers will have a certain product but in the anime the characters will use the product and create ridiculous situations. The best examples are 'Yugioh' and 'Beyblade'. They totally exaggerate the experience so the viewer, who are usually children, would be tempted into buying the product. 'Gundam Build Fighters' uses the same kind of exaggerated merchandising techniques but the history behind the plastic modeling industry goes a long way back so the toys precede the anime. Generally I am not too interested in these types of anime but 'Gundam Build Fighters' somehow caught me and now I am in the situation where I just keep coming back for more. The ridiculous storyline has been keeping me entertained. Hopefully it will keep up the hype. You can watch it in youtube for free. It is an official stream so don't be worried about it being illegal. The link is below this post.