Kill La Kill

I've been really into an anime called 'Kill La Kill', created by the studio who created 'Gurren Lagaan'. They are know for their wacky sense of humor and over the top action. The quality of animation is really great and the characters are very charming. I can't say any of the characters involved in the story are defined in depth, but the voice actors and gritty still cuts rally keep the momentum of each episode, at least up till now, really entertaining. I have my reservations about the dramatic red font that keeps appearing now and then. I give it credit for its originality but after the introduction of the font, which was really prevalent in the first episode the rest of the erupting fonts can be a little bit jarring, and I daresay a little bit annoying. But this aspect of the anime can be easily overlooked because the hyperactivity allows for a roller coaster of a ride and plenty of eye candy for those that like over the top martial art battles and titular anime characters.