Super Robot Wars Z3 Has Been Announced!!!

Wha?! Seriously?!

I've been a fanboy of the super robot wars series ever since that one super robot wars game that had the larger sprites. 

Ever since this game I was totally hooked into this style of strategy game. There is something about the format that seems to work for me. I like the chess board layout and gratifying animations that visualize your "chess pieces" when they engage in combat. Back then the animations were pretty limited when compared to today's over the top fan service animations. I remember the time when character sprites just bumped into each other. Back then players were expected to use more of their imagination... Don't get me wrong though. I don't mean to say today's gamers don't need to use their imagination. To some degree the over the top animation can get tedious but luckily the developers allow you to turn off the animations, and in more recent releases you can watch the animations, but you can fast forward it, in game. For me, the turning point of these super robot wars games were when Super Robot Wars Alpha was released.

Till this day, after playing countless super robot wars titles, I still have no idea what the heck the story line is about, nor did I ever care. All I ever wanted to see were the kickass robot against robots, aliens and monster action. For a strategy game there is very little strategy involved, at the least if you spam the pilot spirits then all is well. Seriously, all you need is the one spirit thing that raises you attack power, the one that makes your accuracy a hundred percent and the one that makes you dodge an attack. I'm presuming at this point you are wondering what I am talking about. I am being a fanboy and none of this is really that important. My main point is, another super robot wars game is released and it looks super cool. The sad realization is, I have no time to play... Thank god you tube exists, so I can watch people play the game and upload their game play videos. Very soon, someone is going to beat the game, unlock all the secrets, and then upload it on youtube. I will then watch him beat the last boss and feel like I beat the game. Mwa ha ha.