Odaiba City

Odaiba city! It is the last pit stop of my Japan journey. I thought Odaiba city was too far away but lucky me! My unplanned route from Harajuku-Shibuya-Roppongi Hills-Tokyo Tower and now Odaiba City. All of these places were were visited in one day so you can imagine how intense the day was, but in hind sight you can also imagine how easy it is to travel around the loop within Tokyo City. Odaiba City was not too faraway from where Tokyo Tower was so I headed towards that direction and within 20 minutes or so I was already there. 

The pillar of gold.

My true reason for coming to Odaiba City. The full scale Gundam.

So awesome. So huge!

They have a ferris wheel in one of the department stores. 

My style of sci-fi futuristic building. 

Handstanding shenannigans. 

Judgement itself is apparently an entity now. 

Gundam cafe. As cool as this cup of cafe is packaged, it sucks. Gundam cafe is only good for this one moment, and then forever you will never step into a Gundam Cafe. 

Lucky me! Or Japan is just full of events every single hour. This street performer was a magician and a circus performer. 

He balanced on two layers of wood, dangerously balanced on these cylindrical pillars on each corner, all balanced on one cylinder in the middle. After he got his balance, he started to juggle knives. 

Once the knife juggling thing was second nature to him he brought in somebody from the audience and he caught the knives that the audience member threw towards him. It was a youtube worthy performance, at the least. 

As I look into the coastal night view on New York... WTF? I mean Odaiba City. I have no idea why they have a statue of liberty statue here, in Odaiba City but there it is. 

My last pint of Japanese Draft beer as I look at the wonderful night view, pondering, maybe someday I will be station here in Japan, working and living. 

Good bye Japan! See you next time...