Tokyo Tower

So... Roppongi hills is now in the past. I had no Idea that I was going to be moving this quickly, around the city. There was just so much that I wanted to see so there was very little time to rest. I didn't think Tokyo tower was going to be in my schedule, but because I saw it while I was up on the observatory in Roppongi Hills I decided that it would be my next destination. 

I'm not sure what this procession was about but the lady up front was generous enough to give me a nice little treat. It was some kind of traditional snack that I cannot remember any more. I guess it wasn't anything memorable for my taste buds but her gesture sure was very memorable. 

I could see the tower right across the street. It was about a kilometer walk, but it felt like a long kilometer because I was so excited to get to my destination. 

Random pictures to keep ya'll entertained. Actually, the real reason I took the picture of the photo above was because I liked the graphic text that was used for the stores title. 

Father and baby cuteness. If I had a kid I would love to do something like this. 

Ah ha! Tokyo tower I have found you!

A generous mother of three little girls was nice enough to take this ridiculous picture of me.

There was some kind of Doraemon exhibition going on in the tower but I wasn't too interested. Now that I look back in hind sight it would have been a nice opportunity because I actually had a lot of time to spare by the end of the day. 

Someone was getting married way in the distance. My camera zoom was not powerful enough for me too spy on them. Ku ku ku. 

So there were these sections around tokyo tower where you could see though a glass layered floor. It wasn't the largest piece of glass but it was gimmicky enough to take some interesting photos. 

On my way down I found this awesome robot mechanism that you could ride. I was too big to ride on it so I had to pass. 

There really was not much to do in the tower, which left me a little bit disappointed, but as I made my way down to the bottom floor there was a live baboon show! Unfortunately the show was over and I had to wait an hour for the next show. At the least I got to boast about visiting the Tokyo tower, and how it really is not the best observatory at all when compared to the rest. The one in the city hall building of Shinjuku is free, and that one has an excellent view. I would say the Roppongi Hill one was the best from the ones that I had visited. 

Now that I had my fun, I though my trip would end here, But wait, it was still too early to go back to the hostel and lonely me was not going to go drinking or clubbing alone. My hostel was a bloody capsule so I couldn't exactly 'chill' in that closet space. My next best bet was to go to Odaiba city!