Floating Castle

I have always wanted to visit a floating city ever since I saw the film 'Castle in the Sky'. 'Castle in the sky' was the first time that I ever even envisioned a floating castle, and the film it self delivered the mystique of a floating castle in an epic way. I only found out that there was a novel depicting a floating castle much later in my life. I was exposed to Miyazaki's film at a very young age, and as a younger the images of the film had been etched into my mind so deeply. Whenever I try to imagine a floating castle it is very difficult to try and separate what I would like to depict, versus what Miyazaki has depicted.

My version of the floating castle is very similar in terms of the theme of Miyazaki's story, where the castle is somewhat of a captive to the greed and ambition of mankind and the main villain. It takes the courage of two brave children to free the floating castle from the gravity of mankind where in the end it floats away, blissfully, into the foreverness of deep space. My castle, however, is not encapsulated by clouds, as if it is trying to hide itself from mankind, but it is already clearly in view for everyone below to gaze upon. It is also captive to humankind, symbolized by the chains that holds it down. In many occasions, when people find value in something, they tend to get attached, and when that attachment is trying to break free then their attachments evolve into an unhealthier obsession. Sometimes the hardest thing for anyone to do is to let go. It is frightening to watch what you obsess over leave, but it is also wonderful to realize that you have just freed yourself and whatever your obsession is. Maybe one day my floating castle will find it's freedom and float away.