My Future Plan

Currently jobless. I have a part time job, or at least something that resembles a part time job. I'm working on my art full time. I've been investing on my website and it even has a shopping section so I can start selling stuff. But...

There are a few things that I feel uncertain about. Money is by far the most concerning matter. No money equals no everything. The part time job is helping me soften the damages that I've been taking from having to pay rent, but my part time job will only help me go so far.

My website is going to be up and ready by the end of this month (hopefully). I'm betting my website will have income at least until the end of this year as I am aware that people very rarely buy original art online, unless of course they have seen the original somewhere in person. Original art is also pretty pricey so people would not want to invest on something expensive unless there is value behind the artists name. Hence, my only option would be to sell some sort of merchandise.

So what kind of merchandise I should sell? I do not know. Most artists seem to do well selling post cards and prints, so that would be my first option as the cost of production wouldn't be too high. Then again, would these so called post cards sell, that would be another question. I'm not very business savvy and there are many hurdles that I am frightened to even attempt to jump over but I'm prepared to take the challenge. I just hope whatever savings that I have would help me last this year.