Sketchbook 2k15 Page 43

I'm actually a really avid mountain bike fan, but for someone who likes to go mountain biking I have a really shitty bike. I have had a number of cheap bikes throughout my life and the results are pretty much obvious. Cheap bikes don't have a long life span. I learned to bike when I was in Chicago, for college and I started off by road biking. Chicago was great for road bikes so I had a lot of fun weaving through cars, but during my stay in korea I had converted to mountain biking because I treated my bike like a tank. 

My first bike in Korea was picked apart by some bastard thieves, which left a bad taste in my mouth, so I avoided biking for a bout a year. My second bike I bought, because I wanted to bike to work, but on the very next day, after my purchase, I got fired... So much for biking to work. Anyways, that bike is the bike that I have been riding for the past half a year and already it is falling apart. If it weren't for those darned youtube videos of bikers doing awesome things I would never have treated my bike so roughly.

Biking is awesome! It gets you places. If you aren't biking, you're missing out. (On all of the accidents)