Sketchbook 2k15 page 46

I really wanted to draw a rifle because ever since a young age I have been fascinated by gun design and their mechanics. I think my interest in guns come from watching war films and playing first person shooters like Doom and Duke Nukem. Generally speaking, this is my opinion, I feel like guys have a natural tendency to be drawn to weapons and guns are one of them.

As much as I am interested in weaponry I love how they are depicted in the media and personally I wish and hope they will only ever be represented as fantasy objects. There have been too many incidents where there have been unnecessary violence involving fire arms, and it is seriously harming our society. I live in Korea so I don't have to worry about fire arms but in certain countries they have issues with fire arms. Behind the layer of the rifle that I drew, there is the text justice, but it has been erased out a bit. I thought it would be ironic to merge those two subjects, guns and justice because very rarely do guns depict justice outside the realms of the media.