Ohsek Reservoir, Seoraksan National Park

More updates from the land of Kpop and Kimchee. Here are the pictures from The Seoraksan trip that I went on last weekend. This is Ohsek reservoir, which is known for its beautiful autumn foliage. It is also infamous for having heavy traffic of the human kind. The tiny colorful creatures in the photos are those humans. 

I supposedly went on this trip to experience a mindful, quiet, thoughtful journey. What I got was the rush hour of the city subway with all the bumps and bruises. Still, being here, far away from the concrete jungle, was refreshing. 

This boulder is a lot bigger than it looks. I was wondering whether I should post a picture of it with people crawling around it, but I decided to leave the people out the picture, like I usually do. 

You have reached the end of this gallery! Namaste!