Seoraksan National Park

I went to Seoraksan National Park yesterday with a tour group that I meet on occasion. I met this group through an internet program called 'meetup', and through the website you can meet various focus groups doing all sorts of meetings ranging from language exchange all the way to extreme sports. 

Seoraksan is one of Korea's largest mountains and it is also one of the many place where the Autumn foliage begins in the country. During this particular season people from all around Korea flock to see the colorful foliage. This year I would argue that the foliage wasn't particularly pretty but it was still wonderful being able to get out of the city and become one with the nature. 

The roads heading down to the mountain were full of endless crazy curves. I felt like I was in a slowed down version of a Japanese drift racing show.  

I particularly like this picture above. It was taken on the bus so I didn't have much of an opportunity to focus in on the shot but the outcome was pretty nice.