Sketchbook 2k15 page 100

This monster is some kind of crustacean, praying mantis hybrid. They have powerful scythes on both arms that are powerful enough to cut through steel. Their jaws can also bite through steel, but they cannot extend very wide so their jaws open and close at a very high speed, allowing them to grind their way through touch objects. They are omnivorous species. Unlike most crustaceans their evolutionary history was quite poor so the only kind of protection that was available for them were their head pieces. However they are sentient creatures with developed brains, so the head piece actually protects their brains from being damaged. Everywhere else around their body, excluding their scythes, jaws and headpiece, are made up of some kind of soft tissue. In order to protect their soft skin areas they have developed a special type of suit that protects their skin from extended damage. They have four legs so even if they were unfortunate enough to lose one leg their sense of balance will not be greatly effected.