Sketchbook 2k15 page 101

The combination of manga characters with exploding clothes and a bright red, warm toned robot collaged and drawn together. 

One might say, that in order to pilot this robot, you must have enough will power that even your own clothes will combust and separate with such force, and fly away from your body. That is the kind of hot blooded kin and spirit required to pilot this hot blooded mech. 

This robot is a robot from the real robot universe. It relies on speed and dexterity, as it is a close ranged unit. However considering it's real robot qualities, it has a fair amount of armor to hold its ground against a super robot force. The performance of the robot increases in parallel to the hot blooded-ness of the pilot. So basically if the pilot shows great emotional fighting spirit, the performance of the robot can increase insurmountably. 

I would like to consider a real robot with super robot qualities a tweener. (A play on the word, inbetween)