Sketchbook 2k15 page 102

I met a friend last week and and for some reason the subject of art was brought up. My friend is in no ways an artist but he had some interesting things to say. We were talking about the subject of blogging and I had found out that he was a fellow blogger as well. He said to me that I should be describing my art in my blog posts. This was an interesting comment because I was thinking about the same thing, but I wasn't thinking about how I should be describing my art but why? To be honest I myself do not know why I create what I create. The only driving force is that I create what interests me at the moment. Personally I enjoy making art and I myself would love to find out the reason why my art exists, but I do not want to describe every single piece of work that I have created. People may want to know why I created my work but honestly I don't know why. It may make sense for people to think that there must be a reason for something to exist, and those reasons need to be described. To be honest, I think not everything needs a reason to exist. Just the fact that something exists is already enough for some people, and people in general make their own interpretations even if something had it's own description. 

So basically I disagreed with his opinion, but I never told him I disagreed. I just nodded my head and said that what he had mentioned was interesting, because it truly was, and it gave me a new perspective.