Unresolved Dispute

Sometimes you can be walking down the street, and then someone bumps you real hard. You want to say something but you don't like confrontation so you just let the moment pass by. A moment later you think about it and it starts to make your blood boil because you can't believe how rude that person was. Your imagination starts to take control. Soon enough you are throwing that person across the world, through buildings, destroying everything in your path, and then within in instance you are snapped back into reality, realizing that you have been biting your bottom lips hard enough to leave marks. 

I catch myself in moments like this and I ask myself, "why am I so violent?". This isn't how I want to feel about the world, and it certainly isn't how I would like to treat people, but it seems as though there are some people in this world who take action upon their anger and make violence a reality. Sometimes the scale of the violence is large, sometimes the violence is petty, but in the end violence is a loss of control, in your mind, body and soul. Once control is lost and the beast within you is released, the ugliest of your human side is activated. At moments like these, no matter how good of a person you are, once the violence has been committed, even a knight in armor can look like a monster. 

While I was drawing this picture I wanted to see how people would view this picture. Would they simply see a robot killing a monster. Would they perceive this as justice, because maybe they will presume a robot is good and a monster is bad? Would they give the picture a context and give the two characters a story which would justify their actions?