Random Bike Ride

Wasn't in a drawing mood, so went out for a bike ride. 
Didn't know my neighborhood was so big until I came back from this small scouting trip. 
Shows how limited one can be when they don't explore and just lock em selves up in a room. Me.
My poor crappy mountain bike is now a year old and it has miraculously been holding itself up even after being abused by it's master. Me. I want a new bike, unfortunately I don't need one. 

This building right here. To me this is Korea. Urban architecture, beautifully ugly yet it gets the job done. These the the kinds of buildings that populate Korea in every nook and cranny, even in the central city of Seoul.  

Abandoned train tracks. Maybe a few decades ago this was THE main train track. Now it has retired and it is resting away. 

This crooked fence has life written all over it. 

Painted sign panels. Still surviving after harsh weather conditions. Someone give these signs some skin lotion. 

So this is where our city sports stadium is. I always saw advertisements of concerts and performances being held here, but I didn't know it was in the outskirts of nowhere land. When this photo was taken a popular Korean singer was performing.