Goodbye my lovelies!

Two of my pieces are going to be gifted to my friends. One of these friends are an old man who has been supporting me with faith and hope towards my art ever since I arrived in Korea 5(?) years ago. He recently sent me a goodie pack that was a god send of art supplies from heaven itself. I wanted to repay the honors by giving him my landscape epic "Somewhere". 

The "Deadpool Sketch" is being gifted to a friend that I have known since middle school. We hadn't been in contact for a while because he had left for korea during high school. We recently got back in contact due to alumni get togethers, weddings and mainly basketball. Most of my close male friends are mainly baller buddies. He expressed his desire for a commissioned art piece, and he has always supported my art, but he wasn't able to afford the price that I had initially offered. I felt really bad about this and I let the offer sit for half a year until I decided that I should just make a nice little piece for him. There is nothing sadder to me than someone expressing their love for my creations but not being able to have it.

This piece above is going to the old man.

This piece above is going to my friend.