Sunday Funday Outing

The journey began with the picture above, my neighborhood UJB. I pretty much live up in the boonies. Uijeongbu is a satellite city of seoul. I'm pretty much two stations away from the outer regions of Seoul. I had to meet another artist to talk about business stuff, but I had a lot of time to kill so I decided to go on a little outing. 

Uijeongbu ------> Itaewon ------> Hongdae

This what how my adventure went. 

Vending machines in Korea are pretty shite compare to Japan. 

The ageless winter wonder. Coin coffee. 

I love anything that is machine + coin related. Mainly because of the video game arcade culture. 

Fire extinguisher, just in case you didn't know. lol! 

I am now at Itaewon. Just leaving the train station. 

A wall with some history. 

A wall with some more history. 

In Korea, large clothing is HARD to find. 

You got mail.

My grandma keeps complaining about the gas prices. 

I wonder whats behind this store. 

Love the red. 


Milk container. 

Another wall.

Another milk container. 

Wanna smoke? 





Protect the children. 

Food porn! 

I gotta admit. Mexican food was better in the states. Probably 100 times better in the home country. 

Taco Chili Chili. Really good, inexpensive mexican food located in Noksapyeong. (basically Itaewon.)

Bike gear. Like, top gear. Vroom, vroom noisy gear. 

More gas to guzzle. 

Andy Warhol anyone? 

Just a bit more food porn.

Awesome graffiti. 

Bike porn. 

Portrait of a store. 

Portrait of a door. 

Another portrait of a store. 

Lets public bathe! 

Nam San Tang. Nam San Bath House. 

Snazzy, classy, date-y cafe. 

WOT! Arcade bar? 

Yellow and black. I just like yellow and black. 

I want to color this. 

Street collage. 

Erased wall. 

Portrait of a bar? 

Portrait of a intestine specialist store. Korean's love their intestines. 

Popular Hongdae rice cake store. 

Yes, I'm still in Korea. 

I like Seven Eleven, because I like their logo. I rarely go to this convenience store. 

How can I park on you.

Dark, back alley.

More, dark, back alley graffiti. 

Just a bit more bike porn. 

I was expecting a hamburger. 

The end of the journey, and then back home. 
(This is not my home.)