Jamsil Flower Festival

Right after I was done with Yoido, I went straight over to Jamsil to meet a friend. After we had lunch we sent over to the lake over at Jamsil, where the amusement park is. (Lotte world, the amusement park, is apparently the largest 'indoor' amusement park in the world.) 

I actually wanted to avoid this place because sunday afternoon is peak time for this lake, and add a festival to it, and then you have the recipe for hell on earth. 

People, people, people! So many people! 

They are just hustling and out-hustling you like a Mo Fo!  

I must admit, if you come early in the morning when there are no people, you can grab the best photos. The early bird gets the worm! 

Still, I recon Jamsil has the weakest flower blossom festival. If you wanna see flowers, but you want to stick to the city then Yoido is what I would recommend.