Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival at Nighttime.

Jinhae is a district located in Changwon city, in the province of Gyeongsangnam-do
Gyeongsangnam-do is located smack down in the southern region of South Korea, right next to the ocean. This city is rather small quite frankly this festival is the only event that this city has to offer, but boy what an event it is. Apparently within a span of two weeks, of when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, two million people from all around South Korea visit this city just for the cherry blossoms. This is excluding the number tourists from around the world, who came to see this event. So you can just image, the sheer number of people who push, shove and poke, just to get a nice photo. Luckily, I followed a tour group who knew what they were doing, and they planned the trip so that we would arrive and take photos right before the peak hours of the festival. 

There were no selfie stick saber duels involved in this trip. 

We left Seoul around 11:30 PM, by a charter bus, and after an uncomfortable, sleepless 5 hours, we arrived at the city of Jinhae. As soon as we arrived, we snoozed a little before the sun was starting to rise. Right as the day started to break, we jumped out of the bus and started our tour. 

I took some of these right before the street lights went off. 

This stream right here, is Yojwacheon. It is a stream where the cherry blossoms were planted 50 or so years ago when we were occupied by the Japanese. 

(I probably massacred the romanized english translation of the name of the stream. I swear, any language that is romanized becomes the most difficult word to read!)

They say these cherry blossoms aren't the same breed as their Japanese brothers, so basically these aren't imported from Japan. 

Apparently, they brought the seeds for these trees from Jeju island.