Yoido Flower Festival

Today I got back from a trip to the Yoido flower festival. Yoido is within Seoul so it wasn't as arduous of a trip when compared to the Jinhae trip. It took me about an hour and a half but using public transport, and as soon as you get out of the subway, you are bang smack right in the middle of the cherry blossoms. I left my house around 5:30 AM, and I arrived a few minutes before 7 AM. There were a handful of people already there taking photos. Most of the people action were from the exercisers, and food vendors preparing for the day.

The actual festival ground was about a fifteen minute walk straight forward. I took a few photos along the way. 

(I took some urban photography of objects as well, but I took them out of this post for the purpose of flower power continuity.) 

This is pretty much what you see as soon as you get out of the station. It's not too shabby considering we are in a very urban financial district surrounded by tall concrete buildings. 

As you can see, the weather was pretty wonderful... This was one of the reasons why a lot of the photos are pretty dark. I could have given them some photoshop makeup, but I decided to keep it real.
(I was actually too lazy...)

This 'Thing' here, signals the start of the festival. 

This picture pretty much signified the, I don't regret coming here any more cue. Before I saw this moment I was a tad bit disappointed, but when you stick to the Han river side, stuff just looked better. Like, significantly better. 

There were trees that were dedicated, or planted by K-pop groups such as SHINee and SNSD (Girls Generation). SHINee had a blank message board of some kind allowing their fans to leave comments. I'm not a fan at all, but I left a nice large 'comment'. Keep up the good work boys. Planting trees is considerably good for our environment. 

I decided to be a bit naughty and 'decorate' the urban environment. It was early in the morning, and no one was around. I haven't done this kind of graffiti since I was in high school so please forgive me. Lets keep this one between ourselves. Hush, hush!