The Garden of Morning Calm

I had been wanting to go on a trip ever since the weather started to warm up, and the spring season started to kick in. (These pictures were taken earlier this month)

I was supposed to wake up early in the morning and meet my friend, but I was a dick and woke up late. I held up my friend and she had ended up going to another schedule. (I made up for it later that day by treating her to lunch. That counts as an apology right???) 

I ended up going on this trip with a guilty conscience, and a bit of a hangover from the cheap whiskey, from the night before. (The reason why I couldn't get up in time...) 

The garden was not too far away from where I lived and it was accessible through public transportation, so it was a pretty easy trip to manage. 

I had been to this place about two years ago when it was winter time. During the winter seasons, the garden isn't so full of life, and instead, they decorate it with illuminations. 

This trip was over and done with pretty quickly. I left about 8-ish in the morning and I returned home around 2~3 ish, so I had time to chill at home. There is nothing better than being able to travel a bit and rest all in the same day.