Danyang, Dodam Sambong

Korea is currently undergoing what it so called, "Golden Weekend," where the national holidays are along side the weekends. This means there is a three day long weekend, which is a good thing. The bas thing is, literally EVERYONE in Korea is traveling. They are traveling by plane, by car, by boat, on foot. you name it. They are going somewhere. This means, unless you were on top of your game plan, you will not have to deal with sold out tickets and fully booked hotels. I was pretty prepared, at least I thought. The traffic was crazy, because what would have taken me 2 hours, took about 3 and a half hours because of the crazy traffic. Usually, I start traveling the night before and just catch my sleep on the bus, but this time round, the bus schedules were not so versatile. 

I went to Danyang, because it is famous for the Dodam Sambong and its garlic. To be honest, this was one of the areas of Korea where if you don't own a car you can't do much. I wanted to make use of my extra long weekend and do some random bus traveling, but I wasn't well prepared... I still got to see the main attraction and I wasn't disappointed. It was quite scenic and photo worthy.