Food From Imsil

The one thing that I was looking forward to the most from this festival was the food. I was breaking out in cold sweat when I couldn't see or smell anything close to food until the lunch hour started to roll, and boy did it come rolling. 

In Korea, Imsil cheese is popular for it's grilled cheese, It's exterior is lightly crispy while the interior is soft and juicy. A wonderful appetizer to start the day. 

This grilled potato, topped with shredded cheese, sweet pickles and bacon really hits the spot. The quality of the cheese really makes this dish a win. Usually, the shredded cheese that is used around korea are the cheap variety where the cheese is only visually stringy, but in your mouth the texture is almost watery. The cheese used in this dish was pretty legit, and the texture of the cheese had a certain chew to it.

The mozzarella cheese sticks! Visually stunning pieces of fried goodness that are pretty difficult to fail. Still, the disappointment was apparent when I took my first bite into the cheese sticks. They were your average variety that you could find in a fast food chain, nothing special. Only ketchup could help this tasteless stick more pleasurable.  

This tasteless cheese, almost tofu-esque in essence, had a powdery, dry texture in my mouth. You had to chew a few pieces in order to get a bit of the flavor because the basic flavor of the cheese was very light. 

Throughout my life, I have had better cheese, because lets be honest, Korea is not known for cheese. But, it was a breath of fresh air to experience a growing cheese culture in an Asian country. In the near future, I hope asia will be able to create it's own variety of cheese that will put it's cheese culture on the radar.