Imsil Cheese Festival (scenic views)

I went to the 'Imsil Cheese Festival' over the weekend. It was only their second attempt, and I was not expecting much from this festival, except for a few eats. I was quite wrong, and I was actually happy for not having any expectations. The photo's that I was able to take were really wonderful. I did not expect to see such a well presented landscape. There were quite a lot of tourists visiting for this event, but judging from these photos, you may not be able to tell. Maybe in the near future, after the festival picks up more traction, these images may soon be clustered with tourists. 

It was quite a bizarre place because I couldn't quite grasp the main concept of this 'area'. It was somewhat of a fusion between a tourist attraction with souvenir shops, and a children's theme park. You really can't spend more than two hours here, because there really isn't much to do, but the two hours that I spent here was not regrettable. If you ever visit this place, I would suggest making plans on visiting it's neighboring tourist attractions, as there are a fair amount of this to do around this district.