Jiri Mountain Piagol Valley

After a four hour bus ride we arrived at Jiri Mountain, located on the lowest region of South Korea. It is one of the largest mountains in Korea, and it is a popular hiking course. I've visited this mountain quite a few times during my time in Korea, and it really is quite a spectacular mountain. I've never actually been to the peak of the mountain, as I heard that it is quite a long course, so I've never really bothered to climb it. It's one of those courses that require you to stay up all night and then start hiking from like 3AM in the morning, all the way up until the late afternoon. I've been on one of these hikes on a different course, and it was truly exhausting. 

This course, called Piagol, was relatively easy, and the view was very nice. We pretty much trekked upstream and on the way up there were a few areas that you could actually consider to be a hike. 

We didn't quite get here in it's peak season, as you can see the trees are still quite green. None the less, the view was still beautiful, and everyones cameras were just snapping and clicking left and right.

The worst part of this trip was the long bus ride back to Seoul, which was 6 hours. Including traffic. Then, there was the hour train ride back to my home. Absolutely gruesome! 
(Still, it was all worth the effort!)