Naejang Mountain

I went on a quick trip to Gwangju, located on the bottom left of the korean peninsula. My main objective was to go and see the Gwangju Biennale show. I was supposed to go to the show first but I ended up going to the mountain first, due to scheduling issues. 

I had to take another bus ride from the city to smaller, satellite city, but it wasn't too far off. After about an hour bus ride I arrived at the mountain and quickly zipped off to take some photos. I had limited time because of the way the bus was scheduled, so I had to be quick on my feet. I still got to see everything that I had planned to see. 

The autumn foliage was not yet in full bloom in this area because we were located in the bottom area of the hemisphere. Apparently the upper area, where it tends to be colder, the foliage process happens quicker. There is a mountain called Seorak mountain where the foliage happens much earlier, and its quite a beautiful place. Unfortunately it is a popular destination for many tourists and by the time it hits the peak season, it becomes a stampede. I wanted to avoid the body rubbing, hustling atmosphere, and I also wanted to try something new. 

Naejang mountain was not yet in full bloom, but in its own right it was quite spectacular. The air was fresh, the smell of autumn was in the air, and the signs of  winter approaching were apparent. I'm not a winter person so I'm not excited about the cold weather, but I'd hang out with autumn every year of the season.