Right after the Imsil food fest I went straight to the traditional Korean Village, also called Hanok Maeul. There are a few traditional villages all around Korea, and this one was one of them. Jeonju Hanok village isn't as traditional as people say that it used to be because of the tourism industry. It may be a little stained in terms of tradition, but none the less it was visually enticing and the people there were definitely enjoying themselves. I wasn't able to find an 'official' entrance, and all four sides (I believe there were four sides...) of this village had no grandiose entrance point. 

Every entrance was pretty similar in terms of cafes, food vendors, vehicle rental stores and hanbok stores. (The vehicle rental stores let you rent out electronic scooters and bikes. A hanbok is the name given to a traditional korean clothing item. The hanbok store let you rent them out and live out your cosplay dreams.) 

I quickly made my way up to a vantage point where I could get a nice scenic view of the village. From up above it looked quite legitimate in terms of tradition, but the cars and vending machines kind of give it away.  

More photos to be uploaded soon!