Crayon Shinchan

I've been on a Crayon Shinchan binge lately. The Doraemon binge happened right as I was done watching the Shinchan movies. Doraemon by far is more iconic and Doraemon is much more child  friendly with its content in terms of maturity. At least when we try not to count the strange shower/nude scenes of a female, CHILD protagonist... This part of Doraemon still confuses me. Crayon Shinchan however is quite mature with it's content, but it's focus is less on female voyeurism and more on child penises. Yes, at least in the earlier movies, the penises and elephant jokes are quite common. The later movies are less about the toilet humor, but it still retains its semi sexual jokes. 

I don't know if the show is still uploaded on youtube, but its worth a watch. At least the movies are, in my opinion.