Doraemon Movies

I've recently started re-watching the Doreamon movies, and I have been thoroughly surprised at how good a large majority of those movies are. Considering Doraemon, being a rather old manga series starting from the late 60's running until the mid nineties, it's popularity and fame seems to be everlasting. The animated series has been running ever since the early 70's and it is still being aired on TV. I believe it is currently on it's third generation, meaning it has gone through three different art styles. 

Below is the manga style. This is where the anime originated from. 

Below are the images of the 1973 version. Notice how different the character designs are from the manga version. The characters do not resemble the version that I grew up with. 


Below are the images of the series entering the 1979 version. Notice how the characters are getting thicker limbs and Doraemon has a shine on his nose, but the characters still seem to retain the 1973 style. 

The below image is still a part of the 1979 series. This is the style that it eventually transitioned into and this is the style that I am most familiar with. It seems as though this was the style that they stuck with all the way until the latest revamp. 

Below is the latest version (2005) and it is the version that is currently being aired. It is also the version that I am most unfamiliar with because I haven't been watching anything Doraemon ever since middle school.

One of the reasons why I suddenly started watching Doraemon again, which lead to me writing a blog post, was because the students that I teach were very familiar with the franchise. I had thought the Doraemon franchise had lost it's steam, but after considerable reviews on youtube I had to reconsider my thoughts about Doraemon losing steam. 

I was legitimately surprised at the list of movies that have been produced over the series, 37 and counting. Ever since 1980, they have been busting out a theatre release each year all the way until today. In my opinion, I must admit that at this point they are really milking the series, but the leagacy of Doraemon is pretty much embedded into the culture of Japan, and in many regions of Asia.