Galaxy Express 999: Leiji Matsumoto Exhibition

I went to go see the Leiji Matsumoto exhibition over the weekend. It wasn't the most compulsory exhibit but it was quite entertaining and pretty insightful. They showed some of the original pages of manga drafts before they were published, and they had some original illustration pages with a few screen prints here and there. The general mood of the exhibit was somewhat similar to his Galaxy Express work which was sombre, emotional, sentimental, etc. They had a few figurines and collectibles on display, and they also had a compendium of his manga works alongside some vinyl records of the soundtracks from the animations. Near the end of the exhibition you can sit down and watch "Interstellar 5555," the animated music video collaboration that Leiji Matsumoto and Daft Punk collaborated on, in its entirety. Just as you leave the exhibit there is a table set up with a few light boxes with some illustrations from the exhibit. They provided A4 papers for the visitors to trace their favorite illustrations to take home. 

  Considering it was an exhibit of a very popular animated series in Korea, I must admit the exhibition was not publicized very strongly and the volume of work that could have been exhibited was somewhat lacking. As a childhood fan, I was somewhat satisfied but I felt as though I was only able to get a bite off of the hamburger, and the rest of it was pulled away, leaving me wanting for more.