Dae Gwal Yeong Sheep Farm

Dae Gwal Yeong is a district not too far away from Seoul. It is usually a two and a half hour drive, but because it was the dreaded golden week it took about double the amount of time because of the ridiculous amount to traffic. For those of you who do not know about golden week, in Korea (and Japan as well) when there are a bunch of public holidays and the weekends sandwiched together people usually take days off and spend their whole week traveling. For the lucky few, they travel overseas and they can avoid the golden week traffic. For those of us that are remaining there is the god awful traffic. 

Anyways, with the golden week explanation aside, I had decided to come here to 'take advantage' of my golden week. Besides the god awful traffic I did not regret coming here. It was a beautiful open area with a european appeal. It was the national children's day so there were a lot of kids running around all over the place, but it didn't hinder the experience. It's quite a large area and it took about an hour and a half to get through the area. There is a set trail so a sense of exploration is lost, and the rail bike experience makes the experience somewhat short but not disappointing. 

After trekking through this area I was planning on visiting a city close to this district. It would have been a 30 minute bus ride but the traffic was so disgustingly heavy that I just decided to drop my travel plans and head back to Seoul. Surprisingly the travel back to the main city was much faster because most of the traffic occurred on the direction heading away from the city. 

I had arrived in the city much earlier than I had expected so before heading home I had decided to take a detour within the city area.