Art Busan 2017 part 1

Back in Busan again for the summer art expo. Usually I get pretty hyped up for these events because this is one of the few opportunities that I get to see artists expose their artwork to the public in one big space. Fine art can often be too snobby, or it can be too rough around the edges (crap) and it is difficult to find a middle ground for the general audience. Events like these allows the public to get an inside view on the active market and dive into the world of art, so to speak. It allows for people to get a fresh new perspective on the artwork, and just by seeing the actual size of the work and the texture of the piece can give the viewer an extra sensory experience, different from just a visual one that one would normally get from a computer monitor or a photograph. 

Unfortunately this event was a bit of a let down. There were a number of striking pieces that were notable, but considering this was my third consecutive visit, it was also the least exciting one. I don't know how to explain how or why I felt this way, but there wasn't anything that made me feel like I was inspired. There could have been many factors to why I felt this way about this years showing, but in the end it was still worth the experience. I hope the expo will continue introducing artists and inspire the upcoming ones.