Samyang Farm

Over the weekend I visited this little gem of a farm. It was wonderfully vast and beautifully green. The weather was great so it greatly complimented the moment of the day. Samyang farm is known to produce enough electricity with its wind turbines to power 60 percent of its neighboring city's (gangleung) electricity. Samyang is also a popular brand for producing ramen. 

The farm itself was great but getting there was a whole different story. I had already gathered information before hand about this area of Korea being very poor with public transportation, so the only possible methods of transport were your own car or a taxi. We also have to consider the fact that I had to take an express bus to get to this district first, which took about 2 and a half hours. I didn't own a car and I wanted to save some money so I decided to trek the 7 kilometers by foot. It was about a 40 minute jog so it would not have been so bad, but unfortunately I had played a whole days worth of basketball the day before so my legs felt like they were going to explode. The worst part was that after exploring the whole farm (another 2 hour hike) I had no choice but to jog back because the taxis were so damn difficult to get in contact with. 

By the time I reached the bus station back home I was exhausted but it was all worth the effort for an amazing experience like this. If any of you ever visit Korea this is definitely and area worth visiting.