Seoul Namsan Tower At Night 2017 (entrance)

I have not been to this tower since the year 1997~98 -ish back when I was still an elementary school kid and my brother was still a pre schooler. The only memories that I can recall from this tower was when I bought some kind of dummy that ventriloquists used, and my younger brother getting his eyes accidentally punched at.

Back then I came here at day time, but this time it was at night. The whole structure and the mall beneath it was beyond my memory, and whether it existed then or now was just a blur. It was around 10pm at night so most of everything was closed. (not that I was going to do any shopping either.) It costed around 10000 won (10 USD) to get to the observation deck. There was about a 15 minute wait in line before climbing up to the deck. (Not to worry, the wait was for the elevator.) 

The photos posted below were photos taken after I had visited the observation deck. It was presented in a manner where couples and lovers would find cute. There was a theme of love involved around many of the sculptures and decorations. If you want to have a nice date, this place seems like you could spend a good 2~3 hours, eating, chilling and taking photos. 

Getting to the tower is relatively easy. I took a designated bus from Chungmuro station, which is located on line number 4 of the metro. ( I believe it intersects with line number 3) 
For those of you who are interested in visiting Namsan tower there is an English website with all of the information related to Namsan tower:

Personally I think the tower is somewhat dated compared to the kind of modern observatories that you can find around the world, but it still has it's merits. If you are visiting Seoul, I believe this location is worth a visit, at least once. 

For those of you who are already located in Seoul, Namsan tower is a great place to go on a casual hike. I don't live close enough to make this one of my options, but if you are close by its worth the hike. The hiking route is simple and well kept (mainly stairs) and the view is quite splendid. (Personally I prefer the daytime view)