Seoul Namsan Tower At Night 2017 (Observatory Deck)

I must admit, the moment I got off the elevator and walked up to one of the windows in the observation deck, my initial reaction was an irritated groan. At that time it had just rained, and the overall weather was very humid and wet so the air conditioning indoors had caused the observation windows to perspire. This meant very limited photography, and to the many who had paid to visit the observation deck were visibly disappointed in the limited viewing experience. 

Still, things were somewhat manageable and I was able to capture a few decent shots of the city's skyline. It wasn't exactly breathtaking but it was inspiring none the less. Of course, my camera and my lack of photography skills do not do justice to the naked eye. The rain kind of set up a melancholy mood, and quite frankly the lack of viewing made many of us there feel truly melancholy, and the moody photos somewhat merged itself with the theme of the day. 

Lesson learned, observation decks are best visited when the weather is manageable. I would avoid the monsoon season and maybe the winter seasons when planning on visiting any observation decks. Of course a sunny clear sky would be the safest option.