Fushimi Inari

Fushimi Inari was actually the very first place that I visited while I was in eastern Kyoto. I spent two days in Kyoto and my first day was spent around eastern Kyoto. Kyoto had many tourist destinations and any of them were spread out all over the prefecture, so there was a bit of planning involved in order to best utilize the time and transportation. 

I arrived pretty early in the morning so there weren't very many people yet. It was still pretty tough taking photos around the endless gates area, where many people stop to take selfies. Personally I came here for the orange gate tunnels but there is a hiking course past the gate tunnels. I had a pretty packed schedule for the day so I couldn't go any further than the gates. I still spent a good two hours exploring this area, and it's a really interesting place to visit. It's not a very large area so I depending on how quickly you area pacing yourself, and hour or two should suffice around this area. 

It's not very far away from the train station so it's pretty easy to access. I remember during my trip, I was in the train around the afternoon, and I saw some tourists wearing kimonos getting off of this station. I think they were going to take pictures while wearing kimonos, and that seemed like and interesting idea.