Namhan Sanseong Fortress

I came here to Namhan Sanseong a few years back, when I was still getting used my surroundings around Korea. I believe I visited this place back when it was near the end of autumn so it's environment wasn't as colorful as I was able to see it on this day. Coming here during the peak of autumn was a wonderful sensation and seeing the spectacular view of western Seoul as a backdrop, decorated by all of the autumn colors were really awe inspiring.

If you live in western Seoul the fortress is pretty easy to access, with multiple hiking routes. If you are not too fond of hiking there are buses that climb up the mountain for you. I opted to walk so it took a bit of time to get up there. I started the hike from Sanseong station which was located on line number 8, which was an obscure line for me because I had rarely used that line during my time in Korea. There is also an entrance to the fortress from Macheon station which is located on line number 5. The route that I opted to take was eventually the easier one, being the least steep. It was still a 5 km hike so it took about an hour to get up there, and the actual hike wasn't the most interesting experience because there wasn't much to see. On the way down, I took the Macheon station direction and the descent took a fair amount of time. I can imagine the climb from this route being a real breath taker, literally. 

Once you reach the fortress there are multiple destinations and entrances that you can enter from. I have only mentioned two entrances but I believe there are two more entrances located around the fortress. If you want to trek around the entire fortress, which is around 10 km's, it would take about 2~3 hours to complete. I didn't want to spend my entire day here considering the time it would take to travel back home which was about an hour commute. 

If you can see the tall tower in the photo, that is the lotte world tower, Jamsil district.