I was invited to a local exhibit!

I was invited to my neighborhoods local art exhibit. I actually put up another one of my pieces for this exhibition space about a month or so ago, but I was unable to attend because of work so I had no photos to post. 

It does say modern fine art, but a good number of artwork were not exactly in the category of modern art. This I could understand because in my neighborhood and around the northern Gyeongido province, we are considered small town, and the type of art that the local artists produce around here are pretty linear. Don't get me wrong, they are talented artists with great technique, but they are certainly far from what is considered modern art. So, if we were to limit the type of art exhibited to only modern, contemporary art, there would practically be like ten pieces to show. This would make for a really lame exhibit so it would make sense to be more lenient and invite more local artists. This is one of the reasons why there are a number of traditional Asian art and calligraphy mixed between the modern art selections. 

Overall it was great being a part of a local exhibit and I felt honored to be invited to anything really. 

My name is in the middle. Park Hyunwoo in Korean. 

This calligraphy piece above is done by the boss of our art committee. He's the guy that goes around talking to the big coats, shaking hands, getting sponsorship's and just making all of this possible.  

The piece above is done by one of our youngest members of our art committee. He is currently a tattoo artist and he is a real hard working guy. This was also the first time I got to see his art work.  

The piece above is my work. It was one of my previous pieces that never got a chance to be exhibited, like most of my work. *tears* 

The pictures above and below are done by an artist who is a veteran of our local art scene. As you can see he has a really eccentric approach to his art where he uses bugs to create art. He is really particular where he uses some kind of sticky chemical where the bugs would approach his art and get stuck. This process would repeat until the dead bugs eventually reveal the artists final image. Pretty macabre but very original.