Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens

I was initially planning on taking the MTR (Hong Kong subway) to Admiralty station so I could  transfer to the newly added subway line that leads directly to one of my old neighborhoods. I live in Tung Chung which means I have to make a transfer from Central station to Admiralty station in order to get on the south island line, it required a few transfers. Once I had arrived in Central I had a change of mind and decided to go visit the newly established government complex first, which meant that I would be walking to Admiralty instead of making the subway transfer. 

It had been a while since I had made the walk from Central to Admiralty, but back in the days when I used to live in Hong Kong this was a path that I would often take with my family and friends. It's a nice path where you get to walk by a few touristy areas, parks and a shopping mall, so you get to see a variety of things along the way. Although this time, I had decided to take an alternative path which required a bit of hiking, but just a bit. This alternative route was something that I had not walked on before so I had ended up getting lost, and then eventually coming across this botanical garden that I had not know about. 

When I had climbed those stairs, and when my view started to unfold I was pretty amazed at the beautifully crafted garden. I felt that warm fuzzy feeling when you know spring has arrived, and it was a strange sensation because back in Korea it is still winter. (It is pretty cold even as I write this post.)

It was a weekday so the park was not very full, but there was still a fair amount of activity. There were ladies jogging laps around the fountain area, and there were many children playing in the grassy areas. It seemed like the children were out on a school picnic with their friends, families and teachers. 

There wasn't too much to do around this park unless you were here to take a break and bake in the sun. I made my out of the garden and then started to head over to Admiralty.