Lei Yue Mun District

After I was done browsing the factory area, I came across this interesting harbor area with a mountainous backdrop. The fog helped incorporate more details into the scene. There was a sense of the contemporary and the old coexisting, with the tall sky scrapers and the rural village area. 

If you walk past the harbor you can enter the village which I believe is called Ma Wan village. As you walk into the village you can get a sense that this area has it's strength in seafood with its various seafood restaurants. When you get past the seafood restaurants you will come across a coast light tower. It was an interesting landmark, and many people were taking photos around this area. If you climb the light tower you can get a nice view of the Lei Yue Mun area. 

I kept walking along and came across a temple that was burning so much incense that my eye stung to the degree where I had difficulty walking past the temple. Unfortunately the temple required you to walk through it in order to gain access to the village, so I had to walk through the dense cloud of smoke. 

The village itself was very rural and quiet. There wasn't anything too interesting except for people just getting along with their lives. From here on I thought there was no need to travel any further, so I made a 180 degree turn and headed back to the MTR station pondering what I should do next.