Quarry Bay Monster Building

I remembered watching one of the Transformer movies back in the days, and I recalled seeing Hong Kong being in one of the scenes. As I was meeting one of my friends in Hong Kong this topic was brought up, and I asked my friend about where this place was located at. Apparently this place was located at Quarry bay, an area that I rarely visited while I was in Hong Kong. You would never guess how disappointed I felt at myself, for never giving myself the opportunity to really go out there, and really check out the nooks and crannies of the wondrous details that Hong Kong has to offer. 

My friends directions were pretty vague, but it was enough of a lead to get me started. I went to Quarry bay station by the subway pretty early in the morning. As I got off there was no sign of the monster building so I followed the road and the characteristic buildings. As I followed the buildings I found myself getting lost in the alleyways and smaller streets located in between the buildings. Eventually I got to a narrow street that was an upward climb. All that I could see in front of me was a gigantic building and windows, and this was the moment when I had realized that this must be the monster building. The exterior of the building is already of ginormous proportions with many hundreds of windows packed together. It almost looked like I was looking at a very detailed sculpture from afar. 

Once you find yourself inside the building its a whole different story. It seemed like it was divided into three or four different sections of an enclosed living space. Not a lot of light seems to enter the spaces making one seem like they are in between a valley or a cavern of some sort. It was definitely a great place to take photos, because from whatever angle I took the photos, they all seemed to come out great. There were many other fellow travelers who were snapping away at their cameras, making interesting selfies and group photos. 

After spending some time around this area I walked over to the next subway station and crossed the ocean over to Kowloon side for some more random, unplanned sight seeing.