Tattoo Crack

A few buddies and I from the art committee had a meeting at a local tattoo parlor. Most of the people from the art committee are older folk, but the members that I was meeting were around my age. We had been planning to start some kind of project among ourselves that was related to art, and the improvement of the community around us through art. There was going to be an event around the neighborhood so we had decided to use this opportunity to open up our own stall to do something creative for the event. 

One of the reasons why we met in the tattoo parlor was because two of our members are tattoo artists who are currently working in the parlor. They had some clients lined up for work so we decided to meetup at that location. It was an interesting area because I had never been to a tattoo parlor first of all, and the boss of the tattoo parlor is a guy who is interested in fine arts. You could tell from the variety of sculptures and canvas's that were used to decorate the interior. 

I got to see a variety of interesting illustrations and tools that were being used in the tattoo business, and I got a briefing on how the industry worked. I don't think I could ever become a tattoo artist but I definitely respect the work that they do. Also, apparently in Korea, tattooing is considered illegal because the Korean law considers tattooing a medical process, so tattoo artists have it tough in Korea.

For a closer look at the tattoo parlor you can follow the links below.