Sketchbook 2018 page 38

I never seem to get enough of Japanese package design and it's beautiful use of titles, logos and characters; just wonderful. 

My aunt, who is not my blood relative, but I call her my aunt because we have know each other since I was a child, had come visited us in Korea. She currently live in Japan. She brought this ramen over as a gift, and boy was it good. I'm not a fan of ramen, but every now and then I will have some ramen. This one was interesting, because considering it was like any normal ramen packaging, it came with a variety of packets. Each packet had it's own unique ingredients ranging from oils, powders, flakes and broth. It required minimal water, only enough to boil the ramen because a majority of the water was drained. The end product did not look like the product on the picture, but the flavor and texture that I experienced was almost like what the picture had intended. I was quite impressed by this ramen, and it's packaging.