Whanki Museum

My friend, and upperclassmen from back in college Kim Eunhyung has an exhibition at the Whanki Museum. The museum was kind of difficult to find as it was located around the Gyeongbok Palace area, but the only way to reach the place was by car, bus or feet. I took a bus to a location that was around the museum, but I had apparently missed the bus stop that I was intending to get off at so I had to walk a bit. The museum is somewhat private and hidden, so unless you have some kind of GPS or navigation service its going to take a bit of exploring.

The museum was a contemporary museum that was dedicated to a famous Korean artist Kim Whanki. I was somewhat familiar with his work because I saw some of it around local museums and art fairs. My friend, and his fellow artists had their art work exhibited around the museum along side Whanki Kim's art work, but they were shown in separate rooms. Most of it was contemporary art, and the context of the art was difficult to understand, but my senses were certainly awakened. I was especially awed by the room full of dilapidated objects that were abandoned and found on the sea. At least that's how I read that piece of art. 

It was great seeing my friends work in a museum space, and it inspired me even more into following my dreams to become an artist.